ikutaryu gendaiha(the koto school in Osaka)


Ikutaryu Gendaiha is a school of koto that has developed tradition in a new way.
Ikutaryu Gendaiha was established as a new organization that operates flexibly while incorporating the opinions of its individual members, unlike the centralized "iemoto system" which is centered around the head of the school.

Ikutaryu Gendaiha lessons differ from the traditional format where students mainly play the songs composed by the head of the school. Here, free music activities, such as learning the works of many composers as you wish, are encouraged.
The most distinctive feature of Ikutaryu Gendaiha is the system related to obtaining certificates.

Ikutaryu Gendaiha has established a unique system to allow students to acquire a “shihan” (master teacher) certificate with peace of mind. Namely, the certificate fee is clearly stated, the system of separate fees (thank-you payments, etc.) that had become customary has been abolished, and Ikutaryu Gendaiha recognizes certificates issued by other schools.


Karin Yoshida

Born in Fukuoka City in 1984, Karin started playing the koto at the age of 6.
She studied under Ikuta-ryu Chikushikai instructor Kasetsuko Abe, and obtained her “natori” (accredited master) certificate at the age of 15. She obtained her ”shihan” certificate at the age of 21 and provided instruction to her university's koto club.
After graduating university, she studied under teachers from various schools of koto all over the country and learned a wide range of genres from classical songs to contemporary songs.
She founded "Ikutaryu Gendaiha" in 2013. She teaches koto lessons in Osaka and is actively working to foster the next generation of artists while at the same time pursuing new possibilities such as producing J-POP cover songs and sessions with other musical instruments.
She aims to grow the koto in a new way to make it familiar to the younger generation in order to preserve its beautiful tone for posterity.


It is a koto studio in Chuo-ku, Osaka.
At Ikutaryu Gendaiha, students may play the songs they like, according to their goals and experience.

Online lessons are available to those living outside of Japan.
And you can choose the number of lessons and lesson times each month according to your schedule, so you can learn with peace of mind and without any stress.
Please take a trial lesson to get a feel for what the lessons are actually like.

Lesson time / 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Lesson fee

Duration Once a month Twice a month 3 times a month 4 times a month
45 min. ¥4,000 ¥6,000 ¥9,000 ¥12,000
90 min. ¥8,000 ¥12,000 ¥18,000 ¥24,000
Duration 45 min. 90 min.
Once a month ¥4,000 ¥8,000
Twice a month ¥6,000 ¥12,000
3 times a month ¥9,000 ¥18,000
4 times a month ¥12,000 ¥24,000

There is no joining fee. And one-shot class is also available.
In addition to the above, we also offer group lessons (3,000 yen for 90 minutes), a 30-minute course for preschool children only (2,000 yen per lesson), and family discounts (half price from the second child).

You can request a trial lesson via LINE or e-mail.
When requesting a trial lesson, please indicate your desired date and time.
It would be helpful if you could list multiple dates/times when you are available to take the lesson.
If you have experience with the koto, then please also provide a brief summary of your history with the instrument.
I will contact you with the details, including the location for the lesson, once I have arranged the date and time for your trial lesson.
Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.
Please also contract me if you are interested in online lessons (Skype, ZOOM, Line video call).
If you sign up for lessons, your trial lesson fee will be refunded in the form of a discount on your first monthly lesson payment.

Trial lesson (30 min.): 1,000 yen

1,000 yen discount if you sign up for lessons

*Please note that correspondence will be in Japanese.



Hommachi studio

Instructor: Karin Yoshida

1 minute walk from Hommachi Station "Exit 7"

Accessible from the Midosuji Line, Chuo Line, and Yotsubashi Line.
(Please note that the studio is a fair walking distance if arriving on the Yotsubashi line.)
*I will notify you of the address of the studio separately.